Discount Commisions

Seeking the home or investment property of your dreams? If you are looking to buy a House, purchase a Condominium, or own your own piece of Land – call Sea and Sand Realty. You don’t need to pay any high commission fees because we will work for you for FREE! You come first with us. Once your search parameters are established, we will send you every listing we have that fits your criteria. Together, we will work with you to find the best possible property that is right for you. Once you have seen what you are interested in, we will find and contract the home or property for you – with commissions to be paid by the Seller, not you!

Need to sell your Home, Condo, or Land?

We are a full-service Realtor®/Broker with Discount Commissions

$300,000 or under = 4.5% Gross Commission

$300,000 – $500,000 = 4.25% Gross Commission

Over $500,000 = 4% Gross Commission

Buyer’s Agent always earns the full 3% Commission


Contact us to learn how the Commission can be even lower!